Soccer Formations

Give me your opinion!

Which formation (for example, a 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, etc.) do you think works best in a soccer game and why? 


  1. Otavio

    I like 4-3-3 or 3-3-4
    It is better in my opinion to be in the opponent’s backyard attacking at all times! This will be your team’s best Defense

  2. Pedro

    Particularmente gosto de 4-1-2-3
    É uma formação bem elaborada, aonde a parte defensiva esta
    muito bem estruturada com o suporte do elemento (1)Central Defensive Midfielder, tendo uma armação com qualidade tando pela direita como ela esquerda com os 2 elementos (LOM e ROM)oferecendo auxilio ao Center Forward e para os (RS e LS)que podem jogar mais abertos e utilizando mais os espaços do campo.
    Assim a roximidade e o equilíbrio dos homens da frente permite um jogo de passes seguro.

  3. Fresh2o

    I personally like the 4-3-3… It gives you both a strong defense and strong offense… If you do play with 4 defenders back though, you should not all play flat. You always want to have your 2 center defenders split with one up top and one staying back as your last defender. I have played as a sweeper (last defender) for the past 3 seasons and have learned it is nice to have another center defender that will come back and help you if it is necessary. I have also had experience with playing center midfield. A center midfield gives you a target player in the middle to give passes to the outside wings and midfielders, which makes passing easier and quicker.

  4. Enjoyed reading this, really excellent stuff, appreciate it.

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