The key to a great soccer game is to have a good diet. Without eating the right foods, your body can’t perform to the best of its ability. Here are a few suggestions that have worked well for me in the past:

Before A Game: 

Before a match, you shouldn’t be eating anything heavy. Foods eaten before a match should consist of lots of carbs and a bit of protein. You don’t want to eat too Pastamuch protein because it might cause problems ¬†with digestion during a game. Pastas are great for maintaining the glucose level in the blood, and fish is also a good decision. Try to eat these with some vegetables as well. You should try not to eat things with a ton of fat in them before game time. Don’t eat anything in the last hour and a half to two hours if you can manage it, because you’ll want to allow things to digest before the game starts. I normally eat about two to two and a half hours before game time for that reason, and it’s worked for me.

During A Game:

During a match, you should be drinking plenty of fluids. It should consist of a diluted carbohydrate and electrolyte gatoradesolution. Two examples of this are Gatorade and Powerade, two very popular sports drinks. Again, nothing heavy on the stomach should be eaten, so if your team provides halftime snacks, make sure it’s something that’s very light on the stomach and something that won’t slow you down on the field. Keep in mind that while you want to be drinking lots of fluids, don’t drink a ton all at the same time. Instead, take small sips whenever you need it. This will help prevent stomach cramps on the field as well as helping you avoid that weird sensation of water sloshing around in your stomach.

After A Game:

I recommend eating about 30 minutes to 45 minutes after your game finishes to replenish the nutrients in the body. This is the time of recovery for your body after a long game. Anything with proteins, glucose, and carbohydrates is great after a game. Pasta salads are great, as well as spaghetti or the like. I also recently learned from a coach that chocolate milkshakes are really good for you right after a game!