Fun Facts

  • When Germany won the World Cup in 1990, 3 teams had won the World Cup 3 times (Brazil, Germany, and Italy), 2 teams had won it twice (Uruguay and Argentina), and one team had won it once (England).



  • Brazil and Spain are the only countries to have won a World Cup outside of their continent (Brazil in 1958 and 2002, Spain in 2010)! 



  • Brazil is the only country to have participated in every World Cup!

  • Brazil has won 5 World Cups!


  • In the 2010 South Africa World Cup, four out of five South American teams made it on to the quarter finals

(Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay).





  • In 1978, Rob Rensenbrinck of Holland scored the 1,000th goal in the World Cup in a game against Scotland!

Holland Flag






  • Sweden’s Marcus Albäck scored goal number 2,000 in the 2006 World Cup against England!

Swedish Flag