Soccer Formations

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Give me your opinion!

Which formation (for example, a 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, etc.) do you think works best in a soccer game and why? 

Soccer Tricks

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Soccer Tricks

Soccer tricks are one of the ways that professional soccer players make the game more entertaining to watch. Think of Diego Maradona’s “Maradona” move, or Pele’s infamous “Bicycle Kick.” You can learn how to use moves like these in your own games to add some flair to your style of play. You can also make up your own moves to add a unique twist to your game.





  • The Bicycle Kick:

The bicycle kick, invented by Brazilian soccer legend Pele, is a bold move for use mostly in the offensive half of the field. This move can be dangerous if not executed properly and it takes a lot of practice to be able to use it properly in a game. To perform the bicycle kick, your back must be facing the defender and your eyes should be focused on the ball. Bring your weaker leg (your non-striking foot) up to your chest. You should be slightly pushing off of that foot to get you high in the air. Immediately after, this movement should be followed by your other leg. Extend your striking leg out and upwards to strike the ball. Flex your foot at a 90 degree angle as the ball connects with your foot. Extend your arms and the palms of your hands outward and underneath you to brace yourself as you fall. Keep your head up as you fall so you don’t fall on your head and injure yourself. It helps to look at your knee as you fall to help avoid this as well.


  • The MaradonaDiegoMaradona

The Maradona, invented by Argentinean soccer player Diego Maradona, is a great move to use in order to get a defender off of your back and spin away from them. The maradona is basically a giant spin with the ball. It takes a bit of time to learn and master the move, but it pays of when it’s used on the field. Start by dribbling the ball forward. Next, put your right foot on top of the ball. The ball should be completely stopped. Jump into the air, pushing your left foot off of the ground and into the air, and replace your right foot on top of the ball with your left foot as your body continues to spin. Roll the ball towards  you with your left foot, completing the spin. Dribble away from the defender. Watching this video of Maradona doing this move will help you understand and master it.


  • The Rainbow Flick NeymarRainbowFlick

The rainbow flick is a flashy move used mainly by the strikers in the offensive half to get around defenders. It’s a bit tricky to master, but practice makes perfect. Begin by standing directly over the ball. Place your left heel in front of the ball with your foot on the ground. Position the top of your right foot against the back of the ball. Using your right foot, roll the ball about 2-3 inches up your left heel. You should be leaning slightly forward so that all your weight is on your left foot. Quickly flick your left heel up off the ground as you continue to lean forward. The force of your foot and your forward momentum should send the ball over your head and so that it lands directly in front of you. Quickly regain your balance and possession of the ball, and dribble away from the defender. Watch it used in a game!  If you like to dribble in a game and need inspiration, I recommend looking up Neymar of Brazil (Pictured left) because his style of play really relies on moves like these.


  • The Elastico (Flip-flap)

The elastico (or the flip flap) was invented by Brazilian soccer player Roberto Rivelino. It is still famous in recent years thanks to Brazilian legend Ronaldinho  and Ibrahimovic of Sweden. The move is done by pushing the ball sideways and slightly away from you, then quickly planting that same foot in front of the ball’s path. The ball hits the inside of the foot and goes in that direction. This is a great way to fake out a defender in the offensive half and will buy you time to make a cross, pass, or goal. Watch Ronaldinho do it!





  • The Zico: ZICO

The Zico was invented by Brazilian midfielder Zico and is a trick that will leave a defender a few steps behind you and off-balance. To execute this move properly, you should be facing a defender. First, fake a pass to a teammate with your right foot and then step over the ball to the same side as your plant foot (left foot). It will look like your legs are crossed over one another. Then, move your left foot so that it is next to your right foot. It should look like you are standing to the left of the ball. Then, use the outside of your right foot to cut away from the defender and out of pressure. You can also switch the way you do this by using your left foot for the first and last steps instead of the right, depending on the situation.


  • The Scissors

The Scissors is a fairly simple move used to fake out a defender and tempt them into swiping at the ball. This trick, if done correctly, will leave the defender off balance as you sprint ahead of them towards the goal. To do this trick, swing your weaker foot around the ball completely. That foot should end up on the part of the ball that is facing away from you. Then, use the outside of your stronger foot to cut the ball away and out of the defeRonaldinhoScissorsnder’s reach. To add even more flair to this move, try doing the “double scissors.” The double scissors is basically two scissors moves brought together into one move. In the double scissors, you will still swing one foot around the ball, but instead of cutting the ball away from the defender, swing your other foot around the ball. To complete the double scissors, cut the ball away from the defender with the foot you started the move with. The scissors is a move to be used when you have space to dribble or when you are approaching a defender. Robinho and Ronaldinho have both mastered the scissors and have used it in many game situations.



  • The Cruyff: Cruyff

Johan Cruyff invented a very simple move called the Cruyff. It only takes a couple tries to learn, but can you perfect it? To perform this move, start by dribbling the ball forward. Plant your weaker foot close to the ball and pretend to wind up your right foot for a pass or a shot. Instead of kicking the ball, place your stronger foot down in front of the ball and chop the ball backwards and behind the plant foot.


  • The Step Over:

The step over is used commonly by Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. This move is great for blowing right past defenders and getting to open goal. To execute the step over, begin by dribbling forward. Plant your right foot on the left outside part of the ball and swing your left foot around the ball in a counterclockwise motion. Your body should turn with your left foot, leaving you to explode past the defender and toward the goal.



Another thing to keep in mind is that the way your body executes the move is just as important as the way your feet perform it. Your feet can move as flawlessly as you can think of, but if your upper body is completely rigid, a skilled opponent will see right through the trick. Make sure that when you pull a feint, you  move  (drop) your shoulder in the same direction as your feet are faking before speeding off in the opposite direction. Remind yourself of this when trying out new moves, because upper body language is what could be the difference between you keeping possession of the ball and an opponent stealing it from you.